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State of Colorado's Collaborative Management Program 

The About Families and Communities Engaged Services CMP was formed in response to Colorado House Bill 04-1451 which established collaborative management programs to improve outcomes for children, youth and families involved with multiple agencies. Counties that opt in to this program are required to establish an Interagency Oversight Group (IOG), including a minimum of 10 entities defined by the State of Colorado. Additional member agencies can be included, as relevant to county-level working relationships.

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Goals of Collaborative Management include:

  • Develop a more uniform system of collaborative management that includes the input, expertise, and active participation of parent advocacy or family advocacy organizations

  • Reduce duplication and eliminate fragmentation; and increase quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services delivered to children or families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services

  • Encourage cost sharing among service providers and cost-reduction for services

  • Achieve positive outcomes for children and families, particularly in the child welfare system in Colorado

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Individualized Service and Support Teams

The primary goal of an ISST meeting is to discuss the complex needs of the family in an open forum that will provide the family with a variety of options for services. At its core, an ISST is a multi-disciplinary assessment of service team that focuses on needs identified by and inclusive of family members, with the goal of developing an integrated service plan for that child. 

ISSTs are family friendly and family focused, bringing together children (when age appropriate), parents/guardians, extended family, family support partners, community supports and service agencies involved in the life of the family.

ISST meetings are guided by the Family Voice & Choice principles in which the family members share their strengths, challenges, and support needs openly and without blame or shame.

The goal of an ISST meeting is to develop an action plan to address the complex issues and safety needs of the child(ren) and family. It is recommended that information in the plan include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • tasks for which each individual/organization is responsible,

  • financial responsibilities,

  • timeline for completion, and

  • schedule for follow-up meetings

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Prevention Efforts for Youth and Families

The About F.A.C.E. Collaborative Management Program (CMP) Interagency Oversight Group (IOG) is offering Prevention Program Funding to assist with the financial support of prevention programs that align with performance outcome goals and efforts of the IOG. Prevention Program Funding is financially funded through CMP incentive dollars awarded to County Departments of Human Services through the office of Children Youth & Families.


The maximum funding request, per application, is an amount of $5,000.00. 

CMP Prevention Program Funding applications may be submitted at any time during the year. Applications meeting all of the CMP requirements will be presented at the following regular monthly meeting of the About F.A.C.E. IOG for approval by a majority vote of the respective IOG. The individual or agency requesting funding will be required to present their application to the IOG to address any questions regarding the program being presented for funding.


The About F.A.C.E. CMP encourages applicants to illustrate how multiple disciplines or agencies are involved in the development, enhancement, or administration of the program or service being presented, and to illustrate any blending and braiding of resources or cost-sharing.

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About F.A.C.E. Partner Agencies

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